Saturday, July 01, 2006


jai urdu !!! separate urdu state for hyderabad

Intresting...before any racist starts bashing...( i am a hindu)

yes, if spearate telangana is so noble a cause, because telanganaites suffered in common andhra state...why not a separate urdu state...for muslims ???

The plight of muslim community is far worse then any community ...just visit any locality in old city, if any one has doubts.

owaisi quote "
But let me make one thing clear. If Telangana is formed, Hyderabad should be made a Union territory. Warangal can be the capital of Telangana and Rajahmundry or some other city the capital of Andhra," - end quote

what scares most is that..If separate urdu state does pick up steam, hyderabad would be sitting on a 'tinder box' waiting to get ignited..

[thanks www.timesofindia for the story]

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