Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Burglars Strike again..intresting

whats new?? whats soo intresting? wait let me explain....

burglary in hyderabad, is as common as ..." the granny in telugu movie, pestering her grand kids...to fall in love and elope "

whats intresting is, it happened in "mughalpura" ...ever heard of the place..." a top 10er " in the list of any whos who...of crime neighbourhoods in hyderabad...

the place is packed, cramped..with people...just think about, what if these burglars were caught commiting thier crime..." INSTANT hyderabadi JUSTICE"

how in the hell, did these burglars...have the luxry, to break into a house in moghulpura, and that too into a police constables house !!!!

some burglars...

[Again thanks www.deccan.com for story]

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