Monday, July 10, 2006


Google makes PC obsolete


what's not to like about a " do no evil" company, which dishes out best of the best products for free !!!

google it appears is comming out with much anticipated, eagerly waited GDrive

according to this blog google it appears is currently testing gdrive (code named:platypus) ..

intresting , how cocaman ?? hacked it out..(dude, you should to be working at google !!!)

who needs a pc any more ???

welcome , thin clients /google cubes ..

make your google wishes...mine " a new programing language , which can code itself , maintain itself , test itself and adapt to new requirements at run time "

the holy grail of software !!!


INSAT misfire !!!

After AGNI , its now turn of INSAT which failed to launch  and disintegrated  with derbis falling into bay of bengal ..

This is a major setback for indian space mission..india plans to send a unmanned space mission to moon in 2008, and a manned mission by 2010..

Sunday, July 09, 2006


RTC buses or killing machines ?

two people were killed in separate incidents by RTC buses... and one more was killed in another incidednt involving a speeding RTC bus..

Over 8,000 drivers operate 36,000 trips everyday covering 7.6 lakh km in the city.

with recent explosion in city traffic..its chaotic and stressful to drive in hyderabad.


dangers of cell phones: two s/w programmers die

Two s/w professionals died , loosing thier balance and fell from roof tops , while they were on cell phones talking to friends...

dangers of cellphones



man tried to molest daughter :

teacher kingpin in robbbery gang


Chiranjeevi house picture

I did see quite a few users landing into my site through google search , expecting to see chiranjeevi's house picture.. i did write about chiranjeevi in one of my previous post " chiranjeevi's watchman died in an accident and osmania general hospital swaped his body with another victim..

for those who are intrested to see chiru's you looks like a software, IT firms building...but i did confirm with few other's it is mega star chiranjeevis house....

pictures courtesy you are into chiru, you would love to watch this...from pictures of chiru's house and his cars !!

and also, thanks to madhuraimachan


Hyderabad Real Estate : cooling off ?

Reasl Estate/residential rate Prices across metros have started to come down, this tred is visible in delhi , mumbai and certain parts of bangalore, confrims price stabilization ( most of new hitech suburbs of banglore are still witnessing 25-30 % growth)..

Unlike other mature markects, real estate price flutuations are primarly controlled by supply of land and demand for exsisting land.

As new supply of land is being pumped into markect, there appears to be a price stabilization and price rationalization in markect values.

This is a good news for any developer and real estate investor( not speculator)...with intial drops/dips...speculators will have to clear off theier holdings , leaving attractive , fair price valuations for investors who want to "buy and hold" on to thier lands for longer periods..

not sure , if hyderabad is witnessing this trend...but as this law is universal, un reasonable price raises have to come down in future...


Agni misfire !!!

AGNI III , the most advanced missile in Indian Army arsenal failed to hit target in the most recent test flight conducted...earlier we did report, india was planning to launch/test AGNI after getting approval of USA.

AGNI -III capable of carrying nuclear warheads and was predicted to hit targets in the range of 3,500 Km ..had two stages 1: to launch vertically into space 2: correct its direction after attaining certain altitude and HIT target.

AGNI failed in its second stage, and fell into sea missing its target...

Hyderabadi for todays AGNI test : sorry,Agni misfire !!! dho feet upar se

Saturday, July 08, 2006


4 year old boy murdered

A 4 year old boy was murdered by his neighbours in rein bazar...the boy was killed over a petty quarel.


hyderabadi "men in pink"

Hyderabadi(Indian) men wear PINK....

Indian/Hyderabadi men :

wear pink
prefer movies to sports
(who said no straight signle men watch oscars )
live with thier parents till they die
decorate themselfs with flowers
(dying to see a pic of nehru , with out his rose)
and of course....
wear long skirts (lungi) to chill

above picture courtesy , is of a meeting of TRS (political party) whoes trade mark , is pink color !!!


Chandra shekar of TRS , one more promise

its "DO OR DIE" again for TRS and chndrashekar rao....lost count , how many times this guy promised ....

chandra shekar now promises to not return to hyderabad from delhi, till a speparate statehood for telangana has been decided !!!


disabled friendly park

finally some good NEWS !!!

i always wondered , if people/architects/builders think about disabled when they consutruct...

it is not the cost , but consideration ...a tought...compassion which stops people ..

this park in chennai is disabled friendly with ramps and railings...

(phot and news : courtesy


Hyderabadi mob lynch chain snatcher

shocking ...a 10 member mob, who caught a chain snatcher commititng crime in ameerpet, chased him and lynched him to death !!!

what makes people react and burst out this way? is it the failure of state ?


Naidu's TDP against privatisation?

Naidu and TDP 's main them during thier 10 year rule was privatisation..
have now turned complete "U" turn , now that they are out of power and are opposing privatisation move made by current government

Talk about "responsible opposition" .


hyderabad: no U turn

picture (courtesy near basheer bag fly over


why did chikungunya hit hyderabad?

this is one among severl down town localities where city officials failed to remove domestic garbage

picture (courtesy is of mayor krishna reddys tour of several downtown localities in secundrabad


Hyd-Tirupati in 24 hours

Air Deccan Now has a new daily flight from hyderabad to tirupathi, for those wishing to visit

temple and be back to city on the same day,

flight starts from hyderabad at 6:10 AM and

lands at tirupati at 7:30 AM ,

return flight starts from tirupati at 15:35, giving devotees ample time to visit tirumala for darshan and be back to tirupati to catch this flight.

one way fligt charge is booked in advance :Rs. 1,416

hyderabadis are now in JET age.


Police identify their nemesis

As reported yesterday, about a stranger thrashing 6 police men of a patrol patry , has been identified by police as ambharnagr sukhan

sukhan, is a auto driver who used to work as lorry cleaner in ramnagar previously.

police are now on hunt to arrest sukhan ....


father and grand father killed by a youth

A young man from LB Nagar, killed his father and grand father , as they tried to stop him from getting married with a woman of his choice !!


Hi tech city has optic line but no sewer Lines !!!

Hi tech city , like most other new suburbs of hyderabad , does not have planned underground drainage officials are now planning to construct under ground drainage system for hi-tech city .

as a side note, citty has no plans yet for other expanding suburs of hyderabad...


Power blackouts in national capitol

Delhi , is reeling with power crisis, and there is now a plan of authorized power shutdown (black outs) for 2-4 hours in select localities..


Bollywood actress fight over, who is prettier amongst them !!!

Pakistani actress meera, is back in bollywood and this time cliams she will be a big star according to her, she is the most beautiful and prettiest actress in bolywood !!!

``Actresses like Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherji'' -- two of Bollywood's biggest stars -- ``have such ordinary faces, unlike me. I'm better looking and more photogenic than any of them,'' she was quoted as saying.

Friday, July 07, 2006


You may Kiss your bride, if you can afford 1000 Rupees for kiss

How did i miss this??? this happened in rajasthan..i googled for this after watching " who wants to be a millionaire?" (this was a question from the show)

apparently,in our india we can not kiss, a court in rajasthan ruled kissing your wife is " act of indecency" with a fine upto 1000/-rs or 10 days in jail !!!


Burglars Target Police

Old news but i recently found this on BBC , Indian burglars now target police

Looks like hyderabadi burglars are in a mood to play "Chor Police !!!"

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Ganguly flops in england too !!

couldnt help but to read this news snippet...

looks like ganguly's " bad luck is very karab" a county twenty20 cricket match , ganguly got out after scoring only 4 runs !!!


world bank to rescue

world bank will help with funds 1,600 cores in building /widening roads in andhra pradesh


dead body for sale ?

Staff of osmania general hospital are suspected of selling a human dead body to private nursing home.

after losing a dead body, (or selling?) and misplacing /swapping 4 mour dead bodies...finally hospital authorites decided to introduce a tag/token process to FLAG dead bodies....

well, the process sounds inhumane...
" a red token would be issued for victims of murder , rape leading to murder and dowry harassement deaths..
green tokens for death due to fire accidents or drowning..
blue tokens for unidentified bodies...."

its not sure, how this new process would help stop the errors.. osmania did fire a staff member involved in missing body case, well thats a begining...

it is reported that osmania hospital , performs autopsies on atleast 30 bodies every day...


mahesh babu acquitted / his fans go bananas

actor mahesh babu was acquitted from charges involved in raiding video parlours (in protest against piracy)...

In a side note, Rambabu president of mahesh babu fans association was arrested along with four other fans , for clebrations going out of control

these guys brust crakers near sudershan 70 mm , to celebrate court order, smoke from these crackers entered cinema hall....spectaors panicked watching smoke comming out from air condioner ducts and rushed out of cinema hall... luckly no one was injured.


mother dumps her 2 year old kid on road

A mother, who was truned down by"missionary of charity" refusing to adopt her kid ( a kid with parents can not be treated as orphon by the institue) Left her kid alone on road and walked away !!!

sad, state of our hyderabad....police later picked up this kid and turned her over to "missionary of charity".

kid, refused to talk about her parents or home, and seemed glad some one was thier helping her...she must have gone through a tough time with her parents...


police get beaten up at their own game

High handed attitude of hyderabad police turned against them tonite...

a person (unknown/stranger) revolted back against police, when he was forcibly asked to get inside a police patrol vechicle late last night at ramnagar...

stranger, on being threatened by police, grabed thier banton(lati) and thrased all 6 police men of the patrol party...his beatings were soo harsh..that police men had to fled the scene leaving behind their vechicle..

later a search party of police in 3 vans combed through ramnagar/musheerabad to find this stranger , but they had no luck in finding him(or were they lucky , they didnt find him !!!)

it is reported that, this stranger might be the same person, who thrashed another police patrol party few days same area...


Roja and her baby are safe

Film star Roja had to undergo a complicated surgery , doctors tell that operation was sucesful and both mom and kid are doing great.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


92% women prefer a USA husband

old article , but intresting facts...this is from indian express, according to a survey in 6 womens college in chennai..92% of women prefered an american NRI as husbands !!!

well, same article says...there is a high percentage of recent usa NRI marriages, more then 50% of marriages in last three years might end up in a divorce !!!


murder near american consulate in hyderabad

A dead body was found on raj bahavan road ....yes this is near american consulate/ governors house/lake view guest house...

i lost count, but murder count crossed into double digits in just a week...seriously need to get stats of crime for, here i come !!!


Man killed over matchbox

with soo many murders , i just lost my count..
looks like hyderabad has its share of freaks...a man killed a person over a fight for matchbox..

yes thats true , man killed for matchbox !!!


MacDonalds in hyderabad

Mac Donalds opened its restarunt in prasad's imax in hyderabad..

welcome "JUNK " food !!!

BIG Mac plans to open a total of 100 stores in india, by end of this year..

on menu " NO COWS , NO PIGS" not to hurt indian sentiments...and separate utensils to cook non vegetarian burgers !!!


nizam's slipper recovered

lost slippers of nizam from a museum in canada, were recovered, and two persons have been arrested so far.

silppers are studded with diamonds rubies and emralds..and these are estimated to be worth $160,000 dollars !!!


300,000 estimated AIDS patients in hyderabad

yes, according to recent survey by NACO hyderabad and its suburbs are now facing a crisis with exploding spread of AIDS , 300,000 people are now estimated to have been infected with AIDS..
2 in 100 kids born will suffer from AIDS

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Prision inmates being forced to convert into Christianity

What would Jesus do ?

prisioners from cuddapah have alleged , that prison guards were forcing them to join into christianity


American alludu (son -in -law)

an NRI (from america) was arrested on allegeations of dowry harassment...

this one is must read...


wife gets her husband killed

lost muder counter for hyd...need to work on it again...

well , eastern values a wife gets her husband killed with help from her paramour



Hyderabad police might get a helicopter !!!

A day after police were told to go on foot patrol, due to financial crunch..

Union home secretary (fedral) announced fedral goverment is willing to provide..

a helicopter to city police , to help fight naxalites(maoist communisits) and islamic terrorists...

now the question is, who is going to pay for gas bill for helicopter?


one more kidnap in hyderabad

jsut few days after a kidnap of MPTC official in hyderbad, today a grocery store owner was kidnapped...

Kidnaps have become soo common in hyderabad, police are now changing laws to not allow cars with tinted glasses.

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