Sunday, July 09, 2006


Hyderabad Real Estate : cooling off ?

Reasl Estate/residential rate Prices across metros have started to come down, this tred is visible in delhi , mumbai and certain parts of bangalore, confrims price stabilization ( most of new hitech suburbs of banglore are still witnessing 25-30 % growth)..

Unlike other mature markects, real estate price flutuations are primarly controlled by supply of land and demand for exsisting land.

As new supply of land is being pumped into markect, there appears to be a price stabilization and price rationalization in markect values.

This is a good news for any developer and real estate investor( not speculator)...with intial drops/dips...speculators will have to clear off theier holdings , leaving attractive , fair price valuations for investors who want to "buy and hold" on to thier lands for longer periods..

not sure , if hyderabad is witnessing this trend...but as this law is universal, un reasonable price raises have to come down in future...

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