Saturday, July 08, 2006


hyderabadi "men in pink"

Hyderabadi(Indian) men wear PINK....

Indian/Hyderabadi men :

wear pink
prefer movies to sports
(who said no straight signle men watch oscars )
live with thier parents till they die
decorate themselfs with flowers
(dying to see a pic of nehru , with out his rose)
and of course....
wear long skirts (lungi) to chill

above picture courtesy , is of a meeting of TRS (political party) whoes trade mark , is pink color !!!

Happy New Year.
Hamari Hyderabadiz ki Team aap ke liye layi hai neye saal ka shandar tohfa:

Happy 2007 - Have Fun with Hyderabad ka Paya Paya with full colors, animation and entertainment that is delicious too.

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