Thursday, July 06, 2006


police get beaten up at their own game

High handed attitude of hyderabad police turned against them tonite...

a person (unknown/stranger) revolted back against police, when he was forcibly asked to get inside a police patrol vechicle late last night at ramnagar...

stranger, on being threatened by police, grabed thier banton(lati) and thrased all 6 police men of the patrol party...his beatings were soo harsh..that police men had to fled the scene leaving behind their vechicle..

later a search party of police in 3 vans combed through ramnagar/musheerabad to find this stranger , but they had no luck in finding him(or were they lucky , they didnt find him !!!)

it is reported that, this stranger might be the same person, who thrashed another police patrol party few days same area...

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