Monday, July 03, 2006


BPO: making it tough to steal personal information

would you feel comfortable , if your bank send's your personal information over seas to be managed by an out sourced , call center ??

how safe is your information? are there laws in those countries to prevent/punish information theft?

call centre MphasiS, victim citigroup US$400,000

call center HDPI , victim HSBC UK 2,33,000

more indian call center crimes

modus operandi used in citi group fraud is alarming ...frauds who were MphasiS call center operators , sweet talked with citigroup customers to reveal thier bank ATM PIN code, and using this code...criminals were able to transfer funds .

so better watch out, even if you have called your bank never tell them your PIN !!!!
who is the real victim here? can citigroup/HSBC customers file law suits or sue citigroup/HSBC ??

finally some verification process is in how effective this would be to act as a deterent to steal personal information is another question...

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